Parc des expositions, hall AmphitéaParc des expositions, hall Amphitéa
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Our facilities

The Convention Centre, Exhibition Park and the Tourist Office: Three facilities run by Destination Angers


Angers Convention Centre

Angers Convention Centre is an ideal venue for the holding of conventions, seminars, exhibitions, and corporate or general public events. Its features include a recently refurbished 1200-seater auditorium, equipped with a high-performance stage, 18 meeting rooms, a panoramic patio area over the botanical gardens in Angers, and a new 266-seater amphitheatre.

The Convention Centre has established itself as an outstanding refurbished venue, for all kinds of industry or corporate events.

Nearly 150 events are hosted every year at the Angers Convention Centre (also called the Jean Monnier Convention Centre).


Angers Exhibition Park

Angers Exhibition Park boasts 34,000 sq. metres of interconnected and modular exhibition space, an arena-type venue with a capacity of 3,700 personsmeeting rooms and an excellent geographical location.

Over a hundred events are hosted annually at the Exhibition Park, welcoming nearly 300,000 visitors in total.


Angers Tourist Office

The Tourist Office is an essential stop for visitors seeking tourism information. It promotes local products in the Tourist Office boutique, guided tours, and great visitor experiences like the Angers City Pass, as well as providing a ticket office for many events and sightseeing attractions.

To give visitors information in a handy format, Destination Angers now offers ultra-personalised trip information via a mobile app. This up-to-the-minute solution contains a full range of useful information based on the visitor’s profile and interests, such as latest events, recommended places, walking or cycling routes, sightseeing ideas, useful info, etc.

For weekend visitors to Angers, new residents and even local people wanting to get to know their city and the surrounding area better, this app will quickly become an essential guide. The solution, which was created with Destination Angers tourism advisers, is offered to Tourist Office visitors, to tourists requesting information by email or phone and in selected Tourist Information bureaus in summer.

Nearly 200,000 visitors are welcomed every year in the 200 sq. metre facility.