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Our missions

Visitor Experience, Development, Coordination, Event Organisation, Promotion & Marketing

Key missions

  • Welcoming, informing and helping visitors, by providing personalised advice
  • Promoting the destination of Angers in France and abroad
  • Organising events in connection with the key economic sectors in the area, within our facilities and at external sites
  • Hosting externally organised events
  • Developing Angers’ offering through strategic projects
  • Federating, coordinating and supporting tourism, business tourism and event industry networks
  • Creating and marketing an offering of partner products and services
  • Managing major facilities: Angers Tourist Office, Exhibition Park and Convention Centre

Expert tourism advice

Destination Angers operates as a tourism engineering expert with the aim of constantly improving the city’s offering. Destination Angers is the first stop for tourism information. Its Tourism department also develops and markets the city’s tourism offering for both individuals and groups.
It works to develop tourism and market the region as part of a strategy to attract new visitors. Numerous initiatives are carried out to promote the destination with a clear “city & nature” positioning.

Convention Bureau

Generating business and promoting regional attractiveness

Destination Angers promotes Angers as a destination for business tourism, by working with a full range international operators and networks. The Convention Bureau assists the organisers of conventions, conferences and trade shows and identifies innovative ideas, acting as an incubator for new conventions. It promotes a “smart region” dynamic and participates in developing and promoting strategic and emerging industries.
To make finding accommodation in the Angers region easier for professional, sporting or cultural events, the Convention Bureau operates a convention accommodation booking centre which works with organisers, visitors and accommodation providers.

Angers la destination affaires par excellence !
Angers la destination affaires par excellence !
Angers la destination affaires par excellence !

Experts in event organisation

The Proprietary Events department is in charge of organising, developing and producing events that help to promote Angers and foster economic development in the area. It organises leading general public and industry shows (SIVALLoire Valley Wine FairFoire d’AngersHome Construction & Interior Design ShowAngers Horse Show).
It also co-produces a number of shows, including a show for the Butchers’ profession, a careers forum, a crafts and gastronomy show called “Arts et Saveurs d’Exception”, the Angers GeekFest and the Salon du Végétal. These events are excellent for networking and generating visibility to help local industries and companies to develop their business.

Recognised experience in hosting events

The External Events department assists companies with the organisation of turn-key events within our facilities – the convention centre and the exhibition park. To achieve this, it relies on extensive field expertise, technical resources, technological solutions and solid know-how in event organisation.

Destination Angers, mettre l'humain au centre de nos événements

Destination Angers, coodinator of networks

The Tourism, Business Tourism and Events Club, created by Destination Angers, brings together local operators working in the leisure tourism, business tourism and events field. With its ambassadors scheme, Destination Angers also works with convention organisers and research bodies to develop and host new industry events in Angers.

Creating must-attend events

In all of its roles, Destination Angers combines creativity and performance, listening skills and advice, inspiring ideas and trustworthiness, with originality and practicality to transform corporate events, conventions, seminars, trade fairs and general public events into unmissable dates. It is this combination of factors that makes the difference.

Our goal is to support the projects of companies and organisations and develop the offering of the region with energy, originality and efficiency, to bring people exciting experiences that generate results.