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Tourism, business tourism and events club

A unique club bringing together leisure tourism, business tourism and events operators to promote the area

Working together to reinvent how we promote our destination and seizing every opportunity for development have never been more essential. We all have a place and a role to play in building a resilient and sustainable area, be it by adapting the existing offering or in the recommendations that we make.

To continue supporting industry challenges as closely as possible, Destination Angers has ramped up the Angers Tourism Club to cover its three areas of activity: Leisure TourismBusiness Tourism & Events.

A unique club

The Tourism, Business Tourism & Events Club brings together leisure and business tourism providers and events operators in Angers Loire Métropole, such as hotel owners, events venues, event service providers, restaurant owners/caterers, leisure activity operators, tourist attractions and facilities, and DMC agencies.

The club is unique and consistent with the visions and values of Destination Angers. Members of the club can take part in cross-industry meetings and specific sector-based events, for close support with their tourism, business tourism and events challenges.

5 target benefits

  • Collective promotion of the destination’s positioning
  • Real customer experience in the area
  • Better visibility for the destination
  • Opportunities created in the area
  • Sense of pride in belonging to the Club, within which members share the same values.

5 good reasons to join the Club

  • Discuss and meet with others and promote mutual support
  • Develop and adapt your offering and boost innovation
  • Contribute to building a world-class customer/visitor experience in the area
  • Promote your business and the area
  • Seize new opportunities

Advantages of membership

  • Participation in key club moments and events: annual meetings and themed workshops
  • Access to resources and shared information: events calendar, private facebook group, etc.
  • Access to bespoke services
  • Communications pack